That´s   m e


I grew up with the smell of bread in my nose at the foot of the Black Forest in the South of Germany. I am a bridge between worlds, I love creating space. As a creative practitioner through books and printwork, as a craftswoman with clay and as an energy- and bodyworker as a cosmic soul architect. My aim is to give ancient knowledege a new form and to make the formless visible. I am a storyteller, flying on a magic carpet, working on the intersection of art, design and healing arts and exploring how to interweave different fields in order to create a big new field.

My life is mainly about curiosity, a strong interest in other beings and a deep longing for depth, about opening and being in motion and not rigidly fixed in patterns and roles. Stepping into unknown fields of knowledge, going beyond yet existing neighborhoods to let develop a kind of complicity between worlds – visible to us and not visible – in which something new can happen, taking us to places we have never been before and doing things that would otherwise never be done.



Photos: Evey Kwong