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handmade in Peru.
122 cm x 122cm


A beautiful handmade blanket form the bellybutton of the world, the sacred valley of the Incas in Peru. I bought it from a beautiful lady on a market in the Andes in Peru, the mountains I love so much. We spent an entire afternoon together at her stall, sharing food, stories about our lifes and laughter too. She explained the patterns from the different villages to me and I bought my favorite blanket from her. I felt so connected to the women of the Andes, all looking like sisters and grandmothers, with their strong faces reminding me that I am a woman too. Willingly or unwillingly bringing me back to something hidden deep inside, something that has to do with recognizing the softness, the feminine side, my motherly nature and yet endless power.  All sharing a similar vision, building bridges and reminding each other of what is possible.

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