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handmade in Oaxaca/Mexico
Mujeres del barro rojo

Diameter: ca. 14 cm


A plate made by the beautiful women of the collective Mujeres del barro rojo in San Marcos Tlapazola in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Ending up in this village was just another lesson in letting go of the expectations of how things should go and that it is sometimes good to let others take care of you on a trip in Mexico. Like that I found myself with the most powerful woman, Macrina, a potter who works with red clay and had to go down a tough road to end up where she is today as a single woman in Mexico, working with clay. When she was talking about how the tradition was handed down from generation to generation since the beginning of time it seemed like, from mother to daughter and mother to daughter, there was a feeling I could almost not grasp with my mind. It went very deep into my being what tradition means and how beautiful it is to have traditions, to work with the material that is in front of your door and that this adds up to the object you produce. There was so much depth to be felt and so much appreciation and love for the material she works with as well as for the ancestors, my heart was almost bursting. When asked what her favourite forms to work on are, she said the ones that were first shown to her by her mother. When she works with them she can still feel her mothers hands by her side.

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