T a l k i n g   m o u n t a i n s

I was traveling far and wide in the last couple of years. And it seems like mountains were moving me forward and forward. There was a holy mountain in the south of India that was lightening my heart up, stones in the wide landscapes of the United States taking some of the weight I was carrying, a mysterious majestic volcano in Japan showing me how to be a queen, I also learned that Pyramids are mountains too. And there are the beloved, mystic, dark mountains of the black forest, the place where I was born.

When I was in Peru, wandering through the sacred valley of the Incas, I didn´t know yet that mountains have a voice. But the bellybutton of the world is a place of wonder where mountains can talk and finally could whisper into my ears: We want you. Just like that.

This is where the idea of the circle was born with the aim to reactivate this old format of gathering, of coming together to discuss the topics that move us. To let the mountains talk and leave their messages, where we can come together and share our own messages, our own medicine with each other, weaving the web, dreaming the dream, celebrating togetherness, hold each other in a circle of friends, where there is space to express ourselves freely, where we can be in silence and reconnect to the earth, the wind, the fire and the water.

Note: At the moment the circle takes place irregularly.