Rituals can be a powerful moment to acknowledge a transition.

The ritual “Closing the Bones” is a nourishing ceremony after birth to reconnect, to centre and to re-align with oneself.  It marks  – at the same time – an ending and a new beginning. Not only on a physical level, but also on an emotional and spiritual level.

A Rebozo is a textile, a shawl, originally used in  Mexico and all over South America. This scarf traditionally has many different uses in daily life, including during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period and is often used by Doulas and Midwives.

The soft movements with a Rebozo induce a sense of relaxation and healing, it balances us and a magical space opens  – to reflect and to let go. 

The Ritual supports us in times of transitions, like the birth of a child.
But it can also accompany us in other processes of change and transformation where we take on a new role, for example when we stop breastfeeding, in times of grief, at the end of relationships, all process where you want to strengthen and acknowledge yourself.

Together with my colleague and dear friend Larissa Deuter I open the space for you and we are very happy to hear from you and share this wonderful space!

Some months after my son was born I did this ceremony called “closing the bones”. I didn’t know much about it and didn’t have great expectations. I thought it’s about the birth, my son, our relationship… Very surprisingly it was just about myself. I was completely brought back to myself for the time of the ceremony, which was wonderful at that time being a new Mom, spending more or less 24 h a day with a little human.

I left the space very light and with the thought that I want to learn this art of ceremony. It was pretty clear to me that it is not only for new Moms but everyone who is going through a transitional phase in life, a transformation, a change that wants to be acknowledged where one chapter closes and another one opens.

It took another year until Miriam de Keijzer who is a pioneer of the technique in Europe somehow magically ended up giving a workshop about the art of rebozo in my own living room.

My son used to call me Mamaya when he just started to talk, that´s how it all began.